Charles DavisThis website contains information for my breast surgery patients. This site expresses my own personal philosophy about breast surgery and is not necessarily applicable to other surgeons.

I am a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who works in both the public hospital and private hospital systems in Wellington, New Zealand. In the public hospital system most of my work is dedicated to the treatment of children and young adults with craniofacial conditions affecting the skull, eye sockets and face.

In my private practice much of my work is aesthetic surgery of the breast. Both of these fields have their own challenges and rewards and I enjoy the 3-dimensional considerations of both types of surgery. Every patient is an individual with specific expectations and unique anatomy. Surgery is tailored to each person. My techniques are continually modified and adapted over time with personal experience and with the shared experience of the Plastic Surgical community.

The purpose of this website is keep my patients well informed and help with realistic expectations. It covers most of the questions I get asked and will reinforce information discussed during consultations.

If you have questions I haven’t answered here, please ask and I will try to add these over time.